Nancy has had five books published, "Photographing People for Advertising", "Photgraphing People for Stock", "Nude and Beauty Photography", "People Photography", and most recently, "Simply China", published in 2011.

Her fourth book "People Photography" was released in February 2009. This book covers allaspects of making people images in the world of digital photography.

"People have always been my favorite subjects and this book tells how I work with people of all ages in many places to create my images. How to shoot sellable stock images is also covered since a large part of my business is shooting stock for my agency Getty Images. I have been travelling more and more every year and my favorite images from around the world usually are the ones with people in them.

I hope this book helps you photograph the people around you better and enjoy the experience as much as I do."

Nancy Brown


ISBN: 978-1-57990-662-7
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