Nancy has had five books published, "Photographing People for Advertising", "Photgraphing People for Stock", "Nude and Beauty Photography", "People Photography", and most recently, "Simply China", published in 2011.

Simply China is a large (10" x 12.5") coffee table book with 290 pages of images and text by Nancy. The images for the book were created over a period of five years and six trips to China. These photographs vibrate the colors of China and the spirit of the Chinese people. In the book you will experience China through the images of its ancient architecture, amazing landscape and its wonderful people. You will travel through The Forbidden City, Inner Mongolia, Guangxi Province, West Sichuan, Zhouzhuang, Tibet and Qinghai Province. Simply China is in English and Chinese and you will be able to read about Nancy's photographic journey through China while making the images.

Nancy Brown


ISBN: 978-0-615-42824-6
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